Week 21 ~ Reassuring, Troubling, Hopeful

Though Part Twenty-One seems to challenge and/or encourage us to think Big Thoughts, it is reassuring that our thoughts will produce creative energy which will wave into our life and environment.  Ahhh, refreshing!  It goes on to reassure us that “like attracts like” and all we need to do is think the thoughts we want, or change those we don’t.

Then it warns us that it’s “no easy matter to  change the mental attitude, but by persistent effort it may be accomplished.” Okay.  And then again encourages us to “aspire to the highest possible attainments…” and to “think of the ideal as an already accomplished fact.”

Then it talks about the “real battle of life is one of ideas; it is being fought by the few against the many…”  Yikes!  When was this written?!  Seems very timely.  It goes on for quite a few paragraphs,

  • millions who seem to prefer precedent to progress
  • looking backward instead of forward, who only see the world without, but know nothing of the world within
  • sanction and force to arbitrary and unequal codes of law
  • period of transition is evidenced by the unrest which is everywhere apparent
  • existing order of things cannot much longer be.

But hope is eternal…

  • recognize that all power is from within
  • …Unity with the Universal principle … source of all health, all wealth, and all power.
  • …concentrate on the Truth
  • ever-available…unlimited opportunity for awakening the highest conception of Truth.
  • …democracy of humanity!

Let’s hope!

Week 20 ~ Be, Do…easy?! I think…

I keep coming back to “Fear is the brick.”  Guilt, Unworthiness, Anger and Hurt Feelings are mortar…”  Then I remember  that in Part Nineteen we learned “…the way to overcome fear is to become conscious of power.”  Our thoughts are our power…”Thought necessarily precedes and predetermines action…”  Bye bye Fear and the rest disappears!

  • Thinking is the true business of life, power is the result.
  • We must “be” before we can “do” and we can “do” only to the extent to which we “are,” … and what we are depends upon what we “think.”

So, we just need to think the “right” things!  That seems so logical and simple!  Sometimes it seems so easy.  Why not all the time?!  Why does subby keep sabotaging me?  I know what to think…I know how to think…I know that what I am depends upon what I think.  I think that by now I should be able to be, do and think (create) all good stuff!  Hmmm….  I’ve got to think more about that!

Week 19 ~ Blah Blah Blah…Fear?

Oh my gosh, Blah Blah Blah, I’m whining!!!  I’m feeling Blah, and seeing it in and hearing it from others!  Is that what I’m concentrating on and creating for myself?  Doesn’t feel like I’m creating anything ~ Blah Blah Blah ~ more whining!  And I don’t feel like making the effort to do anything!  Effort, trying…and even Chapter 12 seemed to be about working harder…Blah Blah Blah…more whining!

“Fear is a powerful form of thought…”  I’ve been in that paralysis before and told myself, never again!  I’m learning that “the way to overcome fear is to become conscious of power.”  Okay, makes sense, but how does one do that? (Especially when one feels Blah Blah Blah!)

  • “…seek the truth…”
  • “Mind is the real and the eternal.”
  • “…if your thought is powerful, constructive and positive, this will be plainly evident in the state of your …environment…”

Oh my gosh, I thought I was a pretty positive person, Blah Blah Blah…  What am I manifesting and why am I not manifesting what I want?  Blah Blah Blah!

“…if we wish to change the form of manifestation we must change the polarity.”  What does that mean?  How do I know the polarity?!  Blah Blah Blah…

What am I supposed to concentrate on specifically?  Blah Blah Blah… What is “…the object of your (my) thought?!”  (What am I pretending not to know?!)


  • “…appearances are deceptive.”  “
  • ” …matter…in a state of perpetual flux.”
  • “…modes of thought and action must be adjusted to rapidly increasing knowledge of the operation of eternal principles.”

I’m ready to be powerful … No more “trying” Yoda!  Only “doing!”

I am powerful and open to “…a more abundant inflow of this vital energy and thus (to) express the highest possible degree of mental, moral and spiritual efficiency.”

Bye bye Fear!




Week 18 ~ Thought is the magic!

Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it. ~ Roald Dahl

I always like the idea of creating “magic” ~ creating the moment!  And now we know that we are! “Thought is the magic by which the human is transformed… Thought is the dynamic phase of the mind.”  We are “in bondage to the law of their (our) own being.” We are powerful, but must use this power or lose it.

What we are interested in and put our attention to determines our capacity for knowledge and power and creates our environment and “reality.”

For quite a few years now I’ve had a quote on the wall in front of my computer that says: “Where I am today is where my mind put me.  Where I am tomorrow is where my mind puts me.”  I knew somehow that was a powerful statement and am now understanding why.

And yet another quote next to that one is about Attention, that I’ve also had posted there for years!  Some of the statements:

  • Attention is not something that just happens.
  • Your attention connects you to the world around you.
  • Your attention is one of the most valuable things you have.
  • Give it power, strength and focus, and with it you can bring forth great things.

There is no thought in my mind but it quickly tends to convert itself into a power and organizes a huge instrumentality of means. ~ Emerson


Week 17HJ ~ Catching Up

Playing “Catch Up” at the moment.  I had a wonderful friend in town, staying with me, so I chose to devote time and attention to my friend and though I was able to do most daily requirements, I’ve just now finished watching the replay of Sunday’s webinar.  Wow!  Subby was definitely pulling out the old blueprint!  The thought had crossed my mind that perhaps I didn’t need to watch it, blah, blah, blah!  And of course, I really DID need to watch it!  So many things seemed pointed at me!  Thanks!!!

  • Growth attained through the exchange of old for new, good for better!
  • Relaxation being the optimum state for this to happen.
  • Let go of the banana!
  • The journey is within and we have the choice to make it or not ~ to heed the Call.
  • No courage is required if we align ourselves with service driven purpose.

Loved Mark asking, “Are you letting the circumstances dis-able you?!”  Almost…

I think a hero is any person really intent on making this a better place for all people. – Maya Angelou

No excuse for not taking the Hero’s Journey!  Aimee’s video was powerful testimony to that and proof that, “if it is good for you and takes no one else’s good, the methods, supplies and resources show up to meet the demand.”  I look forward to living my life of peace, adventure and wonder with no fear and do feel I’ve had glimpses of that being-ness.  So,

  • What am I pretending not to know?!
  • What am I hanging on to so hard that I don’t want that prevents me from having what I do want?
  • Why can’t I let the old self die? Am I in Denial?  To be here and NOT be here 100%?

I do have more “Catching Up” to do and a renewed commitment to the tiny tasks (flash cards each day!)  But I also know that I am right on time, following my compass!

Week 17 ~ Relax Completely

Ha! This weeks lesson gets to my heart of things, for sure!  My acupuncturist questioned my stress this morning and though I thought it was at my normally high level, it proved to be more.  So the exercise for this lesson is much needed, “…no conscious effort or activity associated with your purpose.  Relax completely, avoid any thought of anxiety as to results.  Remember that power come through repose.”

As an actor I especially appreciate the insight, “The greatness of an actor lies in the fact that he forgets himself in the portrayal of his character, becoming so identified with it, that the audience is swayed by the realism of the performance…Such concentration leads to intuitive perception and immediate insight into the nature of the object concentrated upon.”  This is so well stated.  People ask, “How did you do that?”  And mostly I have to say that I don’t really know.  I believe it was Jody Foster who gave this acting advice, “Just pretend really well.”  It must be that concentration becoming a magnet and intuition arriving at “conclusions without the aid of experience or memory.”

I also love the thought, “…unbounded self-confidence that the goal is reached.”  And that we “may attempt to soar on untrained wings and instead of flying, fall to earth; but that is no reason for not making another attempt.”  I’ve always loved the song from the movie Jumbo with these lyrics: “Swing high, swing low upon the trapeze, at first you’ll fall but then, a year from now you’ll do it with ease, over and over again!”  As stated in the lesson, “…ease and perfection are gained by repetition.”

“Your degree of success is determined by the nature of your desire…it will gradually emancipate the mind and give you invincible courage.”  Ah, courage, my first virtue on Franklin’s Makeover!  Was definitely looking for that!

So I “…concentrate on the ideal as an already existing fact.” Relax ~ I’ve got this!

Week 16 ~ Life Happens

Wow!  It seems like this year is already going by at warp speed ~ faster than light!  It’s just happening!  Guess that’s what it does!

And how awesome to know that “The subtle forces of thought as they crystallize in our daily moods is what constitutes life! … We can form our own mental images … and by the exercise of this power … we can control our own destiny, body, mind and soul!”

I’m fascinated and somehow comforted by the idea that “If you desire to visualize a different environment, the process is simply to hold the ideal in mind, until your vision has been made real; give no thought to persons, places or things; these have no place in the absolute; the environment you desire will contain everything necessary; the right persons, and the right things will come at the right time and in the right place.”  Good to remind myself of that as I am one who often wants to feel in control every little detail ~ Ha!  Visualize it and then let it go!

With feeling!  Interesting that psychologists have concluded “that there is but one sense, the sense of feeling …” Reminds me of the Maya Angelou quote about how people may forget what you say or do, but never forget how you make them feel!

And we do have control over how we make ourselves feel!  Though I think sometimes we don’t want to admit to that responsibility.  Concentrating on harmony and happiness does bring to me a peaceful feeling not dependent on possessions or even “accomplishments.”  Interesting that in that space (letting go of anxiousness is part of it for me) some “things” I desired did seem to “just happen!”