Week 20 ~ Be, Do…easy?! I think…

I keep coming back to “Fear is the brick.”  Guilt, Unworthiness, Anger and Hurt Feelings are mortar…”  Then I remember  that in Part Nineteen we learned “…the way to overcome fear is to become conscious of power.”  Our thoughts are our power…”Thought necessarily precedes and predetermines action…”  Bye bye Fear and the rest disappears!

  • Thinking is the true business of life, power is the result.
  • We must “be” before we can “do” and we can “do” only to the extent to which we “are,” … and what we are depends upon what we “think.”

So, we just need to think the “right” things!  That seems so logical and simple!  Sometimes it seems so easy.  Why not all the time?!  Why does subby keep sabotaging me?  I know what to think…I know how to think…I know that what I am depends upon what I think.  I think that by now I should be able to be, do and think (create) all good stuff!  Hmmm….  I’ve got to think more about that!


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