Week 22 ~ Weather Forecast? Stay Tuned…

“… I make my own weather … I transport it with me.”  Of course, The Master Key – Part Twenty-Two and Chapter Thirteen in The Greatest Salesman came at the perfect time!  My weather forecast was dark and gloomy that day.  Interestingly so, as I had just come from an inspiring Personal Development Event a couple days before.  Guess I was/am on that emotional wheel or roller coaster ride that seems inevitable.  But I am learning that I can create my own “inside” weather!

I had also never thought about the need for “… excreting the waste material” ~ that its accumulation was/is “… destructive activity…” and “… the cause of all disease.”  Bye bye “… thoughts of fear, worry, care, anxiety, jealousy, hatred…”

Ah…would that it were so easy…  But, why isn’t it?!  Maybe it is!  We know how to think and that “…every mental action is a vibration…” and that “Everything in the Universe is what it is by virtue of its rate of vibration.”  “We are using this power every minute.”  So why don’t we use it wisely all the time?!  We know “Our world of power is within.”!!!

All this is making me more aware that I have choices and am creating each and every moment so am getting more practice which hopefully “makes perfect!”

Forecast:  Blue Skies and Sunny!



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